psa for all our fellow shoppers out there

I like to keep things light-hearted because that’s my style, but something happened to my mom over the weekend that was pretty eye-opening. And since it involved something that I literally have done thousands of times in the past without ever once being concerned, I thought I should share this message with you.  Continue reading


book review: renegades write the rules

If you weren’t 100% satisfied with what you were doing with your life, would you simply deal with it, or would you do something to change it?

I recently had the honor of receiving a copy of Amy Jo Martin’s book, Renegades Write the Rules, and my mind is STILL racing with excitement after reading it. Amy Jo Martin has been an idol of mine for several years now, and I have always looked to her Twitter account and blog for inspiration when it comes to business — and life in general. Upon finishing Renegades, I am filled with motivation and the desire to do great things with my life. Continue reading

smells good!

I absolutely love trying out new products. I’ve subscribed to monthly sample deliveries and influence-based product testing programs for a while now. The latest company for me to check out is called BzzAgent — you sign up, link your social media accounts and fill out surveys. When a new campaign launches that fits your interests, you receive the products in the mail to try! Sharing opinions about the products on a blog and other social networks will increase the likelihood of you participating in additional campaigns. Easy, right? Continue reading