About S&B

Sparkling & Bubbly is brought to you by two twenty-something young professionals from the Lower East Side of Milwaukee. They met through a mutual friend and realized they have way more in common than just their love for corgis and social media.

about c

With a little less than two years of being a Milwaukeean under her belt, she has fallen completely in love with the city. You’ll find her exploring boutiques in the Third Ward, enjoying brunch on a patio with friends, or even catching a baseball game at the stadium up the road. Living a champagne life on a beer budget, she’s a big fan of clearance sales and is always searching for the latest deal. Favorite things include small dogs, Banana Republic, baseball, Trader Joe’s and a good movie or concert.

about s

Upper twenty-something trying to ignore the fact that 30 is approaching at an alarming rate. Milwaukee born and raised, but often gets mistaken for an East Coaster. Full-time prepster who can often be seen wearing pearls with her collar popped and carrying a monogrammed bag. (Her closet looks like Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer and C. Wonder got together and threw a giant party.) Social Media Manager by day, competitive figure skater by night. Should be the founding member of Shopaholics Anonymous. Chances are you can find her with her iPhone in one hand and a Starbucks cup in the other.

* * * * * * *

Writing about everything from fashion, food and fitness to social media, S&B looks forward to adding a little pop and fizzle to your day.



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