psa for all our fellow shoppers out there

I like to keep things light-hearted because that’s my style, but something happened to my mom over the weekend that was pretty eye-opening. And since it involved something that I literally have done thousands of times in the past without ever once being concerned, I thought I should share this message with you. 

Like any other Saturday, we went to the mall. I needed eyeliner from Sephora (highly recommend btw) and my mom had heard about a sale at Ann Taylor Loft that she wanted to check out. But first, she dragged me to the Gap, where we both cursed each other for spending way more money than we had anticipated. (By the way, raise your hand if you love Gap’s Fall 2012 line as much as I do!)

From there, we went to a ridiculously crowded department store. The shoe department looked like it had exploded. My mom found a pair of shoes she wanted to purchase and we stood in line to check out. I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention. I thought she had walked away to ask a sales rep something and I was busy pounding out an e-mail on my iPhone. When I realized she was actually checking out, I stepped out of line to meet her.

image courtesy of David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Then, it happened. We walked away and she realized… her Gap bag was gone.

When she went to check out at the department store, she placed the Gap bag firmly – or so she thought – on the floor between her feet. And in the few minutes it was there, someone walked behind her, grabbed it and took off.

Just like that. Gone. First of all, what is wrong with people? Luckily, her purchases that day were on her credit card so they couldn’t be returned for cash. And it was less than $100 worth of clothing, so not a huge monetary loss. And don’t even get me started on how lucky she was that it wasn’t her purse on the floor between her feet, because that would have been a disaster.

How many of you have done this before? I’ve even witnessed my brothers do this, so I know we’re not alone. But it was definitely scary to think that someone came that close behind her and managed to steal that bag right out from under her feet without her ever knowing.

Be safe, ladies! Especially as the holiday season approaches and the mall becomes even more crowded. Place those bags firmly on your arms or on the counter in front of you when you check out somewhere. And always be aware of your surroundings!




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