a new kind of happy hour

I love it when the ideas for blog posts come at me at the most random times… like, last week, as I was untying my figure skates. (side note: for those who are curious, I’m a competitive figure skater.)

Anyway, the act of me taking my skates off isn’t all that random. But considering it was 12:30 pm on a work day and I was clearly not at the office, I guess you could say it was a little unusual. Most days at that time, I’m eating lunch at my desk and sending e-mails.

snapped a quick photo on my lunch break before heading back to work

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that believes in work/life balance and so I’ve found a new way (besides Pinterest) to make use of my lunch break. I call it my mid-day happy hour, since I get to spend my lunch hour doing something I love.

Getting in a quick 30-minute ice dance session is my latest thing. I’ll change into my skating clothes at the office, hop in the car, throw my skates on and spend some time working on my Westminster Waltz before heading back to work. It breaks up the day AND it allows me to get in a workout without having to get up at 4:45 am.

I have friends that will go for a run on their lunch break, one that does crossword puzzles and plenty that… work.

So, what do you guys do at lunch? Hop on Facebook to catch up on what your friends have done that morning? Do a little online shopping? Let us know in the comments… and hopefully I’ll get some ideas for things to do on the days I don’t skate!




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