smells good!

I absolutely love trying out new products. I’ve subscribed to monthly sample deliveries and influence-based product testing programs for a while now. The latest company for me to check out is called BzzAgent — you sign up, link your social media accounts and fill out surveys. When a new campaign launches that fits your interests, you receive the products in the mail to try! Sharing opinions about the products on a blog and other social networks will increase the likelihood of you participating in additional campaigns. Easy, right?

gotta love coupons!

I received my first campaign earlier this week — the Glade Expressions® Collection. In my package, I received coupons for free Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser starter kits, and a variety of coupons. On my next trip to Target, I picked up an oil diffuser in Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice, and a Fragrance Mist in Pineapple & Mangosteen.

Upon returning to my apartment, I immediately sprayed the Fragrance Mist in the living room. The combination of pineapple, mangosteen, coconut and passionflower reminded me a lot of my recent trip to Hawaii. It’s a very refreshing smell, and doesn’t overpower the room.

The Oil Diffuser took a few seconds to set up (you have to remove the diffuser “card” from a box and snap it into the oil, then place it in the decorative holder), but it wasn’t too difficult. I put the diffuser in the bedroom, which now smells like a spicy blend of pears, apple, cinnamon and cloves.

sweet scents from Glade

I’ve always loved Glade products (especially the candles!), and I will definitely be purchasing these items again.

If you’re interested in becoming a BzzAgent and trying out some pretty sweet products, click here.

Now that autumn is on its way, it’s time to switch up the smells! Which fragrances are your favorite for fall?



try the Glade Expressions® Collection yourself:

Save $2.00 on any Glade Expressions®
Fragrance Mist
starter kit

Save $4.00 on any Glade Expressions®
Oil Diffuser
starter kit


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