cozy & crafty

Now that it’s getting colder out, I’ll probably be inside more often than in the summer. To keep myself from spending all evening on the couch doing nothing, I’ve decided to be a crafty fall person. It helps that I have my beloved Pinterest to provide endless ideas. Here are five projects I plan to try this season:

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what’s in my bag?

I was out to dinner the other night when the person I was with asked me what on earth I could be possibly carrying in a purse “that large”. I’ll admit I was kind of shocked by this question. Continue reading

fall into fashion

Today is officially the last day of summer. Fall starts tomorrow. Okay. I get it. Ever since Labor Day, many of my friends have been geeking out over all things fall. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. No offense to you guys (I’m lookin’ at you, S!), but it’s still summer! I’m a summer girl, myself. Fall is nice and everything, but nothing beats laying poolside with a cocktail on a hot, sunny day.

However, now that fall is actually here, I’m all for it. Bring on the PSLs and cozy, warm clothes! Bring on the scarves, the jackets, the knee-high boots and the thick socks. I’m ready for you, autumn!

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travel light and pack a small suitcase

I go on several trips a year — most of which last about a week, but some are shorter. No matter how many days I’m gone, I always try my hardest to get everything to fit into a carry-on as opposed to checked baggage. I have a fear of getting to my destination (or back home) only to find that my stuff didn’t come along for the ride!

Whether it’s paranoia or just a desire to save time after landing, here are my tips when it comes to packing all of your items into a carry-on suitcase:

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a new kind of happy hour

I love it when the ideas for blog posts come at me at the most random times… like, last week, as I was untying my figure skates. (side note: for those who are curious, I’m a competitive figure skater.)

Anyway, the act of me taking my skates off isn’t all that random. But considering it was 12:30 pm on a work day and I was clearly not at the office, I guess you could say it was a little unusual. Most days at that time, I’m eating lunch at my desk and sending e-mails. Continue reading

smells good!

I absolutely love trying out new products. I’ve subscribed to monthly sample deliveries and influence-based product testing programs for a while now. The latest company for me to check out is called BzzAgent — you sign up, link your social media accounts and fill out surveys. When a new campaign launches that fits your interests, you receive the products in the mail to try! Sharing opinions about the products on a blog and other social networks will increase the likelihood of you participating in additional campaigns. Easy, right? Continue reading